About Us

Fashionably Funnyfashionably FUNNY is the lifestyle brand of Fashion Illustrator, Painter, (Former) Makeup Artist, Identical Triplet and Mom to four girls, Kelsey Moreau who was seeking a creative outlet to meet the growing demand for her artwork's witty style and unique point of view on "life" and "things". 

Inspired by timeless fashion, everyday irony, meaningful relationships and a desire to remind Women that somebody else "out there" speaks their language, fashionably FUNNY's line of products have a special way of bringing great meaning (and a needed chuckle) to life's greatest moments. 

With a focus on common goods like Greeting Cards, Stationary, Home Decor and "Gift-ables", fashionably FUNNY's hope is to motivate and encourage its customers, creating an atmosphere of joy and love with each piece and helping all people to connect with one another in a more personal (and thoughtful) way. 

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